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Medication reminders and deliveries

Medication reminders and deliveries

‘I’m a carer. What options are there for making sure that my relative gets and takes her medication at the right time?’

Save your time and expense in the long run by discussing your choices with an informed professional before you purchase. Getting the right combination to suit your relative’s condition and circumstances is critical to it working well from the start.

There are a variety to choose from which basically fall into two categories.

1    1. Telephone prompt services which are programmed to call your relative at the correct times. It is sometimes called a  telecare service and simply means a service that is delivered electronically or via the telephone      

      2. Pill boxes, sometimes called medi-boxes.  These come in variety of shapes and sizes to suit the individual.  They can be organised by the dispensing pharmacist who will set out the pills according to the day and times during the day making them easy to access and easy to read. 

      Note:No system works without some occasional monitoring. You will need to help your relative to review the service as some prescriptions are not required each month, and, if there is a change of medication, this has to be accommodated.

Make a note in your diary or contact a reliable service that can do this in your absence.


If you relative needs regular supplies of medication you will find there is a local pharmacy with a delivery service covering most geographical areas.

Contact your relative’s doctor to find the one for your area.


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