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What to do next

We realise that when you are thinking of making a change to your situation, you get quite a lot of information and this can be confusing and overwhelming. Sometimes there is an added pressure - you might feel you are facing a deadline and not have all the information you require,  or not be feeling well or recovering from a spell in hospital.

Talk to us and find some space to work out your options.
Tell us what is on your mind and we will advise if we can help you.

• Worried about the health or wellbeing of a relative, friend or family member and their future?
• Not sure if they have the best home life to suit their circumstances?
• Is there a worry about money for care?

Drop us a line using the contact form found on our home page to access independent social worker services and solutions for your housing requirements.                         
Telephone: 0844 433 0753

We will always try to respond within 1 working day to your enquiry, and will confirm arrangements for meeting you. We can meet you according to your availability, including evenings and weekends.

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