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What people have said about us

‘I kept details of your advice with me all through the immediate crisis.  It was invaluable just know who to ask and what to ask.  Thank you’

‘I didn’t know where to start but now I’ve got you to help and the future looks brighter’

‘It was a relief to know that you would get on and help with the practicalities of the home and setting up services whilst I could just deal with the hospital and emotionally supporting my sick relative’

‘Oh, you are our personal planner and shopper who is helping us stay as independent and fit as we can’

‘It is good to know that there is a service out there to help when the family live so far away and are always so busy’

‘Our discussion around tenants moving into appropriate housing has really helped us shape our programme.  We really look forward to taking it forward.’

‘The consultant suggested residential care as the only option for Dad but with your help we have moved him into a suitable flat with support included. Dad and I are very happy with this arrangement which works for us both.’

'Thank you for all the advice and information.  It gave me confidence, but also knowledge on how the situation if likely to progress'

'I just wanted to let you know I had a supportive nd contructive conversation with your independent social worker; she talked me through some of the terminolgy and suggested ways forward.'You have been so helpful, many many thanks.


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