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The client pathway

  1. Pat falls over in the street and is taken home, shaken with a badly sprained wrist and cut on her head but recovering. Nearest living relative (niece) rings DT to visit and see that she has everything she needs.
    DT visit and ensure she has services in place to help her whilst she recovers, and keeps her niece informed through the family contact service.
  2. On another occasion she decides that the house is getting too big for her.
    DT visit, and using the personal planning and advice consultation service talk through the options and provide a personalised report for her to decide what she wants to do.
  3. At this time she decides that she wants to stay but would help de-cluttering and moving furniture around. She also wants to get out more
    DT help her to identify what she wants to do and provides some practical choices  through the planning advisory service
  4. She asks DT to stay in touch using the client contact service. Later on she decides to move.
    DT help her through the process by providing the follow up brokerage service and getting the services in place to help her move and settle into her new home
  5. Some time later she has a fall and is taken to hospital
    DT work with Pat, staff on the hospital ward and her niece to start the services she wants to support her independence when she gets home.
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