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Company ethos

We strongly believe that older people, their families, their friends and colleague professionals should have to access  information and services which are personalised to them at the right time. We seek to provide a choice of options tailored to the wishes of individuals so they remain in charge, yet making informed decisions.

We also recognise the difficulties facing families and friends when a relative's changing situation requires extra attention at times.  We understand how complex a person's care may become, the emotional streses and strains and time consuming nature of trying to help. We provide services to support families and friends manage these times.

The director and associated staff  have a wealth of experience of dealing with, and working in housing and social care  organisations and charities. They also have personal experience of facing the challenges of supporting and caring for family members. They use this knowledge, experience and community spirited ethos to deliver quality services which are also value for money.

We work in partnerships with other organisations, charities and businesses to bring the best service to you at all times.

We are a social purpose company.  We work ethically and to social enterprise principles.

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