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Decision Tree helps....

Sarah is fit to leave hospital after a fall. With medical staff and family she is considering whether she should live at home or in residential care in future. Decision Tree 'fact find' with her, identify local options and undertake a benefit check. With the results her family feels confident that she is able to make her own, informed choice and they are happy to support her.

Simon decides that the house is getting too big for him but the thought of moving to a more suitable home is exhausting. Decison Tree talk through his accommodation options and provide a personalised report to help him make his decision. He chooses to move and uses their specialist springcleaning and moving services. At the new house they arange some temporary support services to help him settle in, saving him addtional emotional strain and unnecessary expense .

Patty falls over in the street and is taken home, shaken with a badly sprained wrist and cut on her head but recovering. Her nearest relative rings Decision Tree to visit and see that she has everything she needs.   Decision Tree visit, put services in place to help her whilst she recovers. Decison Tree keeps her niece informed through the family contact service and in touch with Patty using the client contact service. Now there is someone local Patty and her neighbours can rely on to manage day to day issues.



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