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About us

We are an ethical independent organisation which works to social enterprise principles.  We offer personal consultancy, advice, brokerage, family support and practical services for older people and their families regarding their social care and accommodation needs. From a social work base we work with a network of colleagues from different professions to get the best expert advice for a package of services that is right personalised and allows for maximum independence. We work flexibly in order to ensure that we provide a service when people want it as well as where is most convenient to them. This means that all our services are affordable.


Director: Monica Collings

An independent registered Social Worker, Court of Protection visitor and qualified trainer Monica has worked in social care for over 30 years.  She has extensive experience of working with individuals and their families, with success in supporting them through uncertain times and helping them make the changes they want. In addition she has trained social workers, managed teams of staff and undertaken national inspections. She has personal experience accessing social care services as she has been the main carer for many years to members of her own family.


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