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Independent social work advice, information and support for your care with accommodation, finance support and other options.

Getting advice on social care services for older people

Feeling you don't know which way to turn?  You have more choices than you think, and with our expertise and knowledge and your views we can help you improve your immediate situation


We have specialist skills and experience for working with individuals with complex and multiple long term conditions


We frequently work with family members and representatives of the Court of Protection

We provide independent social work assessments, Mental Capacity Act assessments for property and financial affairs, wills, health and welfare, Power of Attorney advice and witness service to help make those important and life changing decisions.


Whatever your problem, we can help you find the right option for you and the people closest to you…

Our unique ‘one stop’ service, provides individuals and their families with timely expert advice and information about social care in their own home, and alternative options of residential, sheltered or extra care housing. Together we help you make the changes you want  when you are ready to make them. Our initial advice is free

Whether it is about you, your relative, friend or family, we listen to what you say and, using our knowledge and skills, help you turn them into practical choices that improves your situation. Ring or email your questions.

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