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10 tips for beating the winter blues26/11/2013

Beating the winter blues

It is thought that SAD affects around 2 million people in the UK and more than 12 million people across Northern Europe. It can affect people of any age, including children. Key symptoms include depression, sleep problems,  lethargy, overeating, irritability, feeling down and unsociable. According to Sue Pavlovich of the Seasonal Affective Disorder Association (SADA), these 10 tips could help. "Everyone’s affected differently by SAD so what works for one person won’t for another," she says. "But there’s usually something that will help, so don’t give up if the first remedy you try doesn’t work. Just keep trying."

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Would you be a dementia friend or champion?09/04/2013

Volunteer-led sessions on how to be a 'dementia friend or champion', are taking place in workplaces and town halls across the country. 

Designed to "change the way the nation thinks, talks and acts" these sesssion provide lively discussion and useful hints and tips.

The information and networking brings confidence to participants so that they are able to respond better to someone showing the signs of dementia, and support their friends or relatives who are affected by the condition


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Top tips for the time of year21/10/2012

Top tips for the time of year

Don't forget to look after your client's home or their health.  Gutters and boilers only need a little attention now to save time and money, but don't forget the personal with eyesight checks and home lighting!  Get our tips, save your clients money and help to keep them healthy, avoiding unecessary accidents and away from hospitals

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A taster of Decision Tree at work in the last 6 months09/05/2012

See a snapshot of what Decision Tree staff have been doing in the last 6 months for individuals, those holding Power of Attorney or Deputies and family relatives.

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Dementia: What does this mean for me?09/05/2012

Dementia: What does this mean for me?

Whilst dementia isn't inevitable as you age, statistics show that 1 in 6 people have a form of dementia by the time they are 80 and two thirds are likely to be women.  And increasingly the care falls on ageing partners and sometimes, their children.

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